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Preventive Dentistry - Carrollton, TX

Safeguard Your Smile

High-quality dental care always places most of its focus on prevention. After all, it’s much easier to stop a problem from developing in the first place rather than having to get it fixed! At Epic Family Dentistry of Carrollton, Dr. Azmoodeh is ready to provide the care you and your family need so you can avoid annoying cavities and gum disease year after year. That way, he can save you from having to get more involved and expensive procedures in the future! To schedule you or your child’s next appointment so we can protect your teeth, give us a call today.

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Woman receiving dental exam

Even if someone brushes and flosses diligently at home, we still recommend that everyone should attend at least two checkups and cleanings every year. These appointments give Dr. Azmoodeh the chance to catch and treat minor oral health problems before they can become serious, plus a dedicated cleaning can help stop tooth decay in its tracks. Patients just love how smooth their teeth feel after a cleaning, and it can even help remove minor surface stains as well!

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Gum Disease Treatment

Woman in dental chair giving thumbs up

Periodontal (gum) disease is the most common oral health problem in the world, and it’s even the #1 cause of adult tooth loss in the US! This infection needs to be detected and treated as early as possible, which is why at Epic Family Dentistry of Carrollton, our team will screen your gums at every appointment. If we find anything, we have a number of effective therapy options that can take care of harmful bacteria right away.

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Dental Sealants

Closeup of healthy smile

Your teeth come in many different shapes, and the flat, pitted surfaces of the back teeth make them particularly vulnerable to developing cavities. Their deep grooves can easily trap plaque and food particles, plus they can be difficult to effectively clean while brushing (specifically for small children who are still learning). Thankfully, a dental sealant can give these teeth the extra protection they need. We’ll simply apply a thin, clear plastic-based substance to these teeth that will quickly harden into an invisible barrier that cavity-causing factors cannot cross.

Sports Mouthguards

Teen boy placing green sports mouthguard

Do you regularly play sports, or do you have a little athlete at home? Wearing the proper protective gear is essential to athlete safety, and that’s true when it comes to the teeth as well! Up to 40% of ALL dental injuries are sports-related, but with a custom-made mouthguard from Dr. Azmoodeh, he can make sure an athlete’s smile will stay in one piece so they can stay in the game. His mouthguards are specially-designed for each person’s unique smile, making them much more comfortable, flexible, and strong than anything you can buy at the store.

Nightguards For Bruxism

Clear nightguard

As a response to daily stress, many people unconsciously grind their teeth while they sleep, so much so that there is actually a term for it: bruxism. Over time, this exposes the teeth to the kind of pressure that can cause them to quickly wear down and eventually break. However, this can easily be stopped with a small, custom-made oral appliance called a nightguard. Worn only to bed, it places a protective barrier between the teeth to prevent any harmful contact during the night.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Woman receiving oral cancer screening

Early detection and treatment are essential to helping a patient overcome oral cancer, but many are not diagnosed until the disease is quite advanced because its initial symptoms can be very easy to miss. Nothing gets past our team’s trained eyes, however, which is why we include an oral cancer screening with every routine checkup. We’ll examine your mouth and the surrounding area for any suspicious growths or sores, and if we find anything, we’ll help you get the follow-up care you need right away.

Fluoride Treatments

Smiling man in dental chair

You don’t have to look too hard to find fluoride in your everyday life. It’s added to many oral healthcare products like toothpaste and mouthwash as well as most public water sources. That’s because regular exposure to this mineral has been shown to dramatically reduce a person’s risk of developing cavities. So, to give our patients an extra weapon in the fight against tooth decay, we can provide a topical fluoride treatment at their regular checkups. It only takes a minute, is 100% painless, and it’s one of the simplest ways to keep the teeth healthy between dental appointments.

Emergency Dentistry

Woman holding cheek in pain

Dental emergencies, just like any other, can strike at a moment’s notice. If you’re ever in need of immediate dental care, instead of heading to your closest ER, you should simply give Epic Family Dentistry of Carrollton a call. We have the training and equipment most emergency rooms don’t to handle pressing dental issues, plus we’ll be able to see you much, much faster as well. We’re often able to schedule same-day appointments for emergency patients, helping them get the relief they need right when they need it.

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Children’s Dentistry

Smiling little girl in dental chair

We literally have “family” in our practice’s name, so we’re more than happy to see any little smiles you might have at home. Our team will go out of our way to ensure that your child is completely comfortable from check-in to checkout, and we can provide the age-appropriate services they need to enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles. From toddlers to teenagers and everyone in between, your child will always have a place in our office!

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