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Treating the Most Common Dental Emergencies

January 3, 2024

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Woman in pain at an emergency dentistNo one ever expects to experience a dental emergency, but it can happen with no warning. 1 in 6 Americans will suffer a dental emergency this year. Although you may never expect it to happen to you, it’s best to have a dentist’s number handy, just in case. Here are the most common urgent oral health problems and how your emergency dentist can treat them.

Knocked-Out or Dislodged Tooth

If a tooth is displaced, it may not be lost for good. Saving your tooth relies on getting to your dentist within the next 30-45 minutes or the likelihood of survival decreases. Your dentist can splint your tooth using those around it. A temporary dental cement is placed on your teeth to hold a thin wire that will support your tooth, allowing your ligaments and supporting structures to heal. 

Object Stuck in Teeth

If you have food or an object stuck in your teeth and you can’t get it out, you need to see a dentist. They will evaluate the situation to determine the best approach to free it using special dental instruments. 


A toothache can be a symptom of an infection deep within your tooth. The pain will worsen because the infection won’t go away with no treatment. Eventually, your tooth can die and will need to be removed. 

Your dentist can use root canal therapy to save your tooth. The infected tissue is removed and your tooth is sealed using gutta-percha. Your dentist may recommend bonding a crown over your tooth for added protection.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

Your teeth are strong, but they can’t regenerate. A chipped or broken tooth will not heal or grow back. Your emergency dentist can treat minor damage using a composite resin that’s shaded to your enamel to blend in with your tooth. 

More significant damage may require a dental crown. All-ceramic materials are used to create a cap to cover your tooth down to your gum line. It will look and feel natural.

Lost Filling or Crown

Your dentist can provide you with the replacement you need. Whether you need a new tooth-colored filling or an all-ceramic crown, you’ll benefit from a durable, natural-looking solution to restore the health, function, and appearance of your tooth.

Broken Denture

Never try to fix a broken denture on your own. Leave the mending to professionals. Your dentist can provide the repair or replacement you need to restore your smile. If possible, wear an old denture.

A dental emergency isn’t anything to ignore. Contact your dentist right away for an appointment.

About Dr. Sohee Kim

After moving to the U.S. from Korea, Dr. Kim earned her dental degree at the MUSC College of Dental Medicine and has regularly continued her training in the latest technologies and techniques. She is a proud member of several professional organizations, including the American Dental Association. Request an appointment through her website or call (469) 209-4032.

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