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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do After Dental Implant Surgery

December 14, 2023

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patient smiling after getting dental implant surgery

Opting for dental implants to replace missing teeth is an excellent choice to restore your smile and prevent potential oral health issues. These tiny titanium posts undergo osseointegration, a process in which they fuse with the jawbone, making them the sole permanent tooth replacement option. After the implant placement, it becomes essential to provide diligent care. To assist in avoiding actions that might hinder the healing process, here are five things to avoid following dental implant surgery.

#1: Don’t Skip Resting

Following dental implant surgery, it’s crucial to prioritize ample rest. Participating in strenuous activities can elevate blood pressure, potentially leading to bleeding at the surgical site. Typically, patients require a minimum of one to two days of post-operative rest, with some individuals needing up to a week for recovery.

#2: Don’t Rinse Your Mouth Out Forcefully

Exercise caution while rinsing your mouth. While it aids in keeping plaque and bacteria at bay from the surgical site, rinsing too vigorously or spitting forcefully may irritate the treated area. Consider making a solution of half a teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of water or use a nonalcoholic mouthwash or a prescribed mouthwash.

#3: Don’t Use a Straw

Refrain from using a straw when drinking beverages, as the suction created can dislodge the forming blood clot around the implant site, potentially leading to bleeding. Avoiding straws for at least a week post-operation is recommended to prevent setbacks in the healing process and reduce the risk of infection.

#4: Don’t Eat Hard or Spicy Foods

Following oral surgery, it’s advisable to consume a soft food diet, such as smoothies, to minimize irritation at the implant site. When determining your post-dental implant surgery diet, steer clear of hard, crunchy, or spicy foods. These can potentially harm the delicate tissues surrounding the surgical site, leading to irritation and inflammation.

Opt for soft, bland foods like mashed potatoes, applesauce, yogurt, and scrambled eggs instead. As your mouth heals, you can gradually reintroduce your regular diet.

#5: Don’t Ignore Persistent Pain

While it’s normal to experience swelling, soreness, and irritation for a few days following dental implant surgery, persistent pain that doesn’t improve after this initial period should not be overlooked. It is advisable to promptly contact your dentist when you observe such an issue, allowing them to examine your mouth and identify any potential hidden problems that may require treatment.

Dental implant surgery is a significant undertaking, and it’s crucial to be mindful of these five factors to ensure proper healing in your mouth. Soon enough, you’ll be proudly displaying a complete and healthy set of pearly whites once again!

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