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How Many Hours a Day Can You Wear Dentures?

March 31, 2023

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Dentures are artificial teeth that can replace several or all of a person’s missing pearly whites. A well-made denture can give you a natural smile that blends in with your remaining teeth if you have any. While it may be tempting to wear your dentures 24/7, is this okay? Keep reading to learn how long you can safely wear your dentures each day as well as the potential risks of wearing them for too long.

Is it OK to Wear Dentures 24/7?

You should wear your dentures for at least eight hours per day to give your jawbone and gums time to adjust properly. This will also help keep sore spots from developing. Even though dentures can help you look and feel your best, it’s not advisable to wear them constantly as this can lead to a range of consequences, including:

  • Unhealthy tissue – Dentures that are constantly worn can trap moisture and food debris, which can provide a breeding ground for bacteria. This can lead to gum disease, bad breath, and other oral health problems.
  • Denture stomatitis – This is a condition of inflammation and irritation of the soft mouth tissues that occurs in the areas covered by dentures. It is caused by a variety of factors, including poor denture hygiene, ill-fitting dentures, and bacterial infections. The symptoms include redness, swelling, soreness, and a burning sensation that can make dentures hard to wear. In severe cases, denture stomatitis can lead to gum disease and tooth loss.
  • Respiratory issues – Sleeping with your dentures in can increase your risk of contracting respiratory infections, including colds and bronchitis. It can also make you two times more likely to develop pneumonia, which can be life-threatening.
  • Accelerated bone loss – Wearing dentures can put pressure on the bony ridges and gums that support them. This pressure can accelerate bone loss.

An Exception to the Rule

Dentures can be worn all day and night for the first few nights after having teeth extracted. However, after 72 hours, it’s important to start establishing a regular denture hygiene routine. This includes removing your dentures while you’re asleep. Wearing dentures continuously for the first few days after extractions helps with:

  • Bleeding control – The pressure applied by your restorations can help to staunch bleeding.
  • Swelling – It is best to keep your dentures on for a few days after an extraction because swelling can make it difficult to put them back in if they are removed for more than a few hours.
  • Bone conformity – Wearing your dentures continuously for a few days after a tooth extraction will help the bone mold to the shape of the dentures.

About the Practice

Epic Family Dentistry of Carrollton offers comprehensive oral health services for patients of all ages. They provide a warm and inviting atmosphere in their office and are passionate about helping their patients maintain excellent oral health. If you are interested in getting dentures, they can help you decide if this is the right option for your smile. To make an appointment with Epic Family Dentistry of Carrollton or learn more about dentures, call their office at (972) 820-7294 or visit their website

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