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Dental Crowns & Bridges – Carrollton, TX

Custom-Made Restorations for Complete Smiles

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Your teeth are made of enamel, which is the strongest material in your body. However, this protective layer can still become decayed or damaged, exposing the sensitive inside portion of your tooth called dental pulp. This typically causes pain and discomfort until your tooth is treated. When this damage is too severe for a regular filling, Dr. Afshin Azmoodeh uses dental crowns in Carrollton to restore your teeth to their full function and strength. He also uses dental bridges to fill gaps in smiles from missing or decayed teeth that need to be extracted. Keep reading to learn more about what dental crowns and bridges can do for your smile.

Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns get their name because they are designed to cover or cap the entire visible portion of your tooth. Typically, it takes two appointments for Dr. Azmoodeh to place your custom-made dental crowns.

During your first appointment, a small amount of dental structure will be removed to accommodate your crowns. Then, we will take images and impressions of your teeth to develop a dental crown that matches the look, size, and shape of your natural smile. You’ll be given a temporary crown to wear until your next appointment. Once the permanent one is made, you will come back for a second appointment where Dr. Azmoodeh will finalize your restoration.

Dental Bridges

3D illustration of dental bridge

Dental bridges can be fixed to dental crowns or your remaining teeth to literally bridge the gap in your smile. If you’re missing consecutive teeth, Dr. Azmoodeh may recommend a dental bridge to complete your set of teeth. This is different from dentures because you’re receiving a secure prosthetic instead of one that relies on suction to stay in place. This custom-made restoration not only completes your smile, but it allows for easier talking and chewing.

Which Restoration is Right for Me?

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We may recommend receiving a dental crown if you:

Dr. Azmoodeh will typically recommend implant-retained dental crowns if you’re missing a single tooth because they provide the most natural look and feel. No matter what type of dental issue that you have, he will examine your mouth to determine whether dental crowns are right for you. If you’re missing multiple teeth consecutively, he will recommend a dental bridge as restoration. These can also be retained by dental implants if you’re looking for maximum stability.

The best way to find out whether dental crowns or bridges are right for you is to contact our office for a consultation.  After an in-depth examination, Dr. Azmoodeh will be able to provide you with a personalized treatment plan and recommendation.

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